Thomas M. Ryan and the firm have successfully litigated cases involving complex business disputes, trade secret disputes, non-competition agreements, consumer fraud claims, shareholder derivative claims, director and officer liability claims, and unfair and deceptive trade practices.

The firm has represented clients in both state and federal court handling complex litigation matters which often involve the interpretation and enforcement of contractual rights. These disputes often involve allegations of misrepresentations, fraud or breach of fiduciary duty.


The firm represents workers who seek unpaid wages in individual cases and in class actions in federal and state courts across the country.  Dozens of federal and state judges have appointed Thomas M. Ryan and his firm to be class counsel in large class actions.

The firm has handled the following types of wage violation lawsuits against some of the largest banks, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, health care providers, hotel chains, retailers and building management companies:

  • Failing to pay call center workers and phone representatives for pre-shift and post-shift work.
  • Improperly rounding the clock in and out times of health care workers
  • Failing to pay custodians and janitors for pre-shift and post-shift work.
  • Not paying customer service representatives and financial advisor assistants for all time worked including pre-shift and post-shift work.
  • Not paying the correct amount of “differential pay” for government employees called up for active military duty while serving their country.
  • Failing to pay retail employees for missed meal breaks and having to work through meal periods.
  • Not paying retail employees for making bank deposits after closing.
  • Improperly classifying store managers as salaried workers not entitled to overtime.


The firm handles class actions involving consumer fraud and invasion of privacy.  Those cases have resulted in thousands of individuals recovering millions of dollars in the aggregate.  The types of class actions handled by the firm include:

  • Breach of federal laws intended to protect financial information.
  • Breach of Illinois law intended to protect the biometric information of Illinois workers and consumers.
  • Improper use of credit report information.
  • Improper calculation of property damage claims covered by homeowners insurance.
  • Improper billing of charges to retail customers.